Client Testimonials and Accolades on Stuart Bayne

In a double death penalty case, Stuart Bayne, with his expertise, knowledge, and insight, was our key man. He not only led us through the fire investigation but led us to an additional expert whose participation was crucial. Because of Stuart, the jury understood not only the dynamics of fire but appreciated the intricacies of a good fire investigation... and questioned the investigation by the authorities.

If that weren't enough to merit high praise, Stuart was amazing in his ability to work with counsel on trial strategy and presentation. I was defense counsel and I say with ease and conviction, the result (client acquitted of murder, voluntary manslaughter and negligent homicide) would never have occurred without Stuart. Pray you never find yourself opposing him!
Lorna S. McClusky, J.D.
Massey, McClusky & Robbins
Past President
Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Memphis, TN

I have had the pleasure of working with Stuart Bayne on three cases, in which the State had filed notice to seek death as an enhanced punishment. Each of the cases consisted of horrific images and bad facts. Stuart's expertise in fire investigation and his ability to convey his knowledge -- not only to other members of the defense team but to the jury as well -- was the primary ingredient in our obtaining sentences of less than death.
Stuart is the consummate 'team player' and I will always recommend bringing him onto a case when there is a fire-related issue.
Ron Lax (regrettably deceased)
Former President and Private Investigator
Inquisitor, Inc. Private Investigations
Memphis, TN

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